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Decision Making Process Essay

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Decision Making Process
Kamie Fitzgerald
October 29, 2012
Jack Geer

Kamie was getting to a point in her life where it was time to make a decision on her career. She didn’t want any more of the economically driven jobs with no retirement and horrible benefit packages. It was time to think about the future and start preparing for a stable career and life for her family.
Kamie really idolized her father as he worked for a city municipality her whole life, in fact, he started with that entity the year she was born and was coming up on his 23rd anniversary there. She really likes the thought of obtaining a position where she could follow in her father’s footsteps. Kamie started looking at job opportunities at the local ...view middle of the document...

However that was not the case, after multiple interviews, she received no opportunities. She began to feel that she was not qualified enough to work there and it began to take a toll on her. She began to second guess her decision. Kamie really started to think about her currently salary and not wanting to give it up. She went back and forth for some time. In the meantime, another position opened up and she thought that she better go ahead and apply for it. She did her initial interview and thought that it went rather well, she felt comfortable with the interviewers and thought that she would fit in there. Sure enough, she obtained a second interview with the director and again felt that it went really well. What do you know, she got the phone call, the municipality wanted her to take the position and she accepted. Kamie has never regretted this decision as she has been able to really settle into an organization where she can exceed. She has really put her abilities to use and it has benefited her as she has received multiple promotions. Now all she has to do is obtain her degree in order to take that next step into a professional position.
It appears that Kamie followed the steps of the decision making process when she decided that this move would be best for her and her family. It seems that this process is rather instinctive when one is making a decision. She identified what her problem was, which was that she was not happy where her career was heading. She generated solutions, evaluated what was out there and made a choice to change. She them implemented that decision when she accepted her position. Now that she has been there for four years, she evaluated that decision and has decided that it was one of the best decisions she made.

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