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Deductive And Inductive Reasoning Essay

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Provide an example in which you can use deductive reasoning to draw a conclusion.  State the axioms or premises used to reach the conclusion.

Karen knows if she misses cheerleading practice the day before a game that she will not be able to cheer at the game.
Karen misses practice on Tuesday, the day before the game.
Karen was not allowed to cheer at Wednesday’s game.

Deductive Reasoning:
(Premises) Fact: Karen knows if she misses cheerleading practice the day before a game she will not be able to cheer at the next game.
(Premises) Fact: Karen misses cheerleading practice on Tuesday before the game on Wednesday.
Conclusion: Karen was not ...view middle of the document...


Compare and contrast inductive and deductive reasoning. Provide an example of each to illustrate the similarities and differences of inductive and deductive reasoning.

Because inductive and deductive reasoning can both be used to evaluate a statement, deductive reasoning involves starting with a theory or general statement and then working to get a specific conclusion. Where inductive reasoning takes a series of different observations and then tries to make into a general theory.
Both approaches are very different, but it is important to both deductive and inductive reasoning can both end with false results and with this being the case the results are “unsound”.
An Example of Inductive Reasoning based on this:

All Leopards I have seen have spots.
So you might think that all Leopards are spotted.
But this is not actually the case, but with just this statement and the information given it seems to be true.
So the next thing we do is try to find out a way to disprove that all Leopards are spotted.
We can do this by asking other people if they have ever seen leopards that are not spotted.

An example of Deductive Reasoning based on this which proves unsound is:
(Premises)Every animal that eats mice are cats.
(Premises)Lacey eats mice.
(Conclusion) Therefore: Lacey is a cat
Although this statement actually holds up to the test of deductive reasoning and is valid is still false, therefore “unsound”.

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