Deficit Leadership Essay

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Topic: One of the major challenges facing Malaysia today is lack of leadership. Discuss this statement and include in your discussion the factors behind this leadership deficit.
1.0 Introduction
These decades, there are many challenges facing by Malaysia that need to be handle effectively in order for Malaysia to achieve its vision on 2020. Recently, the latest issue in Malaysia that got concern not only by Malaysian but also international community are ‘I want to touch a dog’ programme, Selangor MB crisis, changing Malaysian education system, GST (good and service tax) implement on 2015, lost of MH370, MH 17 incident and many more. These showed that Malaysia has lack of leadership in ...view middle of the document...

The reason State need effective leaders are to handle problem or challenges that continuously coming so that the vision or mission of that country will be achieve. This is because base on McShane and Glinow (2013), an effective leader has the higher levels of extroversion, self-belief, inner motivation, integrity, knowledge, ability to process information and ability to monitor his or her emotion. For Malaysia, effective leaders are needed to ensure that visions or goals which are to overcome challenges that Malaysia facing right now is successful. However, at the same time the stability of a country must be maintained. Malaysian leaders should take steps that would not lead to chaos. Malaysian leaders also must create a clear vision, inspire others, cope with change, bravely challenge the status quo and the most important achieve the vision.
Hence, this paper will intend to examine the factors that lead to leadership deficit that facing by Malaysia today. It will examine the main reason why Malaysia lacks of leadership which are the Malaysia education system, Malaysia political system and Malaysia culture fear. The implication of leadership deficit in Malaysia like relation with foreign countries, negative criticism by international community and decreasing pride and image of Malaysia also will be discussed in this paper to show how important leadership is. This paper will suggest some recommendation in order to improve leadership in Malaysia.

2.0 Factors That Lead To Leadership Deficit in Malaysia
Oxford dictionary define deficit as the amount by which something is too small. Therefore, leadership deficit in a country means the amount of leadership is too little in the countries. This situation would not happen in countries without a reason. For Malaysia, there are many factors that lead to this challenge. Before finding the alternative to overcome the challenge, knowing and analyse the factors is the best. Therefore, the alternative that will be taking as a respond for challenges will become more effective.
The Education System of Malaysia
The first factor that leads to leadership deficit is the Malaysia’s education. According to Oxford dictionary, an education can be defined as the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction. Education is important to nourish effective leadership in Malaysia’s community. In Malaysia, on 1996, there is an act which called the Education Act that put education responsibility on federal government under the Ministry of Education. However, every state has education department. Education system in Malaysia was dividing into many stages starting from preschool education then primary education after that secondary education later post-secondary education and lastly university education. Currently, there are 37 private universities, 20 private university colleges, seven foreign university branch campuses and 414 private colleges in Malaysia.
Education system in Malaysia still needs to be...

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