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Deming's 14 Management Principles Essay

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Deming's 14 Management Principles

It is easy to see how Deming’s system would work on just about any industry out there in the competitive world of business. It is a lot easier to think which of the fourteen management principles that Deming recommends would work rather than those that might not work. All the management principles make a lot of sense and together become an outstanding tool for any business to become successful.
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I disagree partially with Deming’s principle #11 (Eliminate Arbitrary Quotas.) It would probably not work very well in a low-pay environment where quality standards are not very high. For example getting a Little Caesars employee motivated about the quality of their pizzas would be extremely hard—Little Caesars employees know that their customers are looking for an inexpensive pizza and are not going to demand a high quality pizza; instead, management depends on that employee to perform pre-set duties and crank out as many pizzas as possible for as little pay as possible. And that would tie to Deming’s principle #13 (Encourage lifelong education) not working in that scenario as well.
The management at a place where their employees earn a low or minimum wage will not be concerned with training their employees extensively. They know that the employee turn over is high in their industry and therefore the investment made on education and training is kept down to bare minimum. In other words, they teach the employees just enough to perform their duties and then they move on to the next person for yet more minimal training and education.

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