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Demonstrative Communication is an incredibly important part of communication in people. I can convey things that verbal communication is just not capable of conveying. It is much like a second language that everyone knows, but a lot of people don't knowingly pay attention to. Everyone uses demonstrative communication, but how many people really know what it is?
Demonstrative communication involves parts of communication that are not direct verbal communications. These nonverbal communications are things such as body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Two thirds of the communication between people is done in these nonverbal forms and it is important to recognize and ...view middle of the document...

This is another form of nonverbal communication.
One example of demonstrative communication comes directly from my three year old. He is an expert at the art of not listening but pretending to be listening. When he gets in trouble, he gets a time out and then he gets to sit down and have a talk with mommy about why he got in trouble. He has become the master of a “16-year-old-girl-eye-roll” and uses this technique often. I will ask him why he got in trouble, and he will either come up with the answer or not have a clue and then we talk about why exactly he got into trouble. By the end of the conversation he is usually tired of hearing me repeat why he got into trouble and make him repeat it until I am confident he understands why he got in trouble. His body language changes from that of a somewhat, but not really, engaged three year old, to a completely annoyed, ready to run and play, three year old. I will make him repeat one more time why he got in trouble and this is usually when I get that eye roll. That one nonverbal cue speaks volumes, no words necessary!
It is important to learn to read demonstrative...

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