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Depiction Of Women Essay

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Depiction of Women
Women are depicted as subordinate creatures in both the Tanakh and Antigone, yet throughout history, they continue to fight this hierarchy in one way or another. Within this paper, there will be examples of the ways women are treated and how they react to this treatment. It will also discuss various situations that strengthen this argument.
In the Tanakh, when God created man, God took a look at man and decided that he needed someone to help him. God did not create woman to be his equal, but God created her to be his helper. In Genesis 2, the Tanakh somewhat puts women in the same category with the animals, but one step higher due to the fact that she was made from ...view middle of the document...

Antigone essentially laughed in the face of the leaders saying that she regretted nothing.
After Antigone had been caught and refused to deny guilt, Creon was furious and started ranting and raving in disbelief that she would blatantly break the law without a second thought. It seemed that he didn’t want to believe it at first, but ultimately could not help her when she openly admitted guilt. Creon was furious that Antigone would do such a thing. Creon initially assumed that it was a man who did this bad deed, and he sent his Sentry to find out who did it. Once it was found who had stepped outside the law, and that it was not just Antigone, but a woman, Creon was shocked. His view of women was shared among everyone in the Greek culture at the time in that women were subordinate. Creon confirms the place of women in the hierarchy in the statement, “Better to fall from power, if fall we must, at the hands of a man – never be rated inferior to a woman, never.” (Sophocles, 94)
When we look at women in the Tanakh, it discusses the fact that God made man, but then decided that man all by himself wasn’t enough. “But for Adam, no fitting helper was found.” (Truelove, Genesis 2:20) So God’s initial goal was to make man to live on the earth and the only reason he made woman was as an afterthought to help Adam (man). The creation of woman is mentioned at least three times; once in chapter 1, verse 27, once in chapter 2, verse 22, and again in chapter 5, verse 2. It makes one wonder the way that Genesis is worded if God didn’t create woman multiple times. These could just be referring to the same incident, just at different points in the writing. However, it could also mean that God made woman multiple times in order to find man a suitable helper.
Women continually fail to be feared or considered physically/mentally equal throughout the Tanakh. In Exodus, chapters 1 and 2, the Egyptians even considered the women to be inconsequential as they had ordered the midwives to kill any male Hebrew babies that were born because they feared them growing up and gaining power. The Egyptians weren’t scared of the female offspring growing up and amounting to anything that would challenge their power. Being controlled by their emotions, the midwives were not always killing the male Hebrew babies as ordered. This failure by the midwives is another instance of the women not carrying out a clear cut order in the first couple books of the Tanakh. The first of course being when Eve was duped into taking the apple in the Garden of Eden by the serpent. Even then, when this happened, God did not go initially to Eve and question her about it, God went to Adam and questioned him about what happened because he was the man, or in other words, the one in charge. Only after questioning Adam did he ask Eve what happened once Adam explained to God that it was “the woman that you put at my side.” (Truelove, Genesis 3:12)
When God handed down the Ten Commandments, he even...

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