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Designing A  Database  Structure  System  For   Management  Hospital  Information

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This project is going to indicate a new database structure model used to
manage information in hospital management with respect ...view middle of the document...


According to advantage of information and communication technology, the
hospital information management is currently applied this dominant method of
database management. Additionally, the development of almost high technology
logical equipment creates huge amount of data related to the patients’ medical record.
For example of this is equipment diagnostic imaging (ultrasound, X-ray, CR, MRI),
laboratory equipment (hematology, biochemistry, microbiology), testing equipment
(ECG, EEG, electro-mechanical). Hence, this has causes lots of difficulties in storing,
managing, searching and especially sharing information between hospital categories
in the process.
In an aspect of hospital information management domain, there are several
management systems, storage and sharing of medical information such as PACS
systems, HIS systems or RIS system. These systems are really helpful in storing and
managing information; however, the systems have some limitations in the hospital
According to actual medical facility, the project aim is to make a database
structure system in order to suitable within hospital domain for managing and sharing
information. Doing so acknowledges the fact that applying this model (a database
structure system) cannot only enhance the operational information system in the
hospital, it also minimize the amount of cost to create “e-hospital”.
The approach will allow investigators:
-To illustrate the benefit of synchronization all heterogeneous data and
systems in one hospital information centre.
-To explore the heterogeneous information systems in hospitals consistently
based on specific architecture .

The research project will thereby benefit:
-Enhance the integration of hospital information systems.
-Create a new criterion for the components of the information systems
(Rahimi B., 2009).


In this project, the problem-oriented research for sorting out problems faced
by health information systems is indicated. Several different methods to clarify types
of data and services:
-Survey for hospital information management to find how current process doing
through operational process in some medical institutions. A model of database
structure system is innovated on actual dependencies in order to apply all hospital
management currently. Following by a design concept technique is provided in order
to test assumption for each individual hospital information management.
-The heterogeneous information systems in hospitals consistently based on specific
architecture (El Azami, 2012) so as to combine integration of heterogeneous
application consistently in hospital information systems. Due to different specific
characteristics of each hospital, the mediation architectures are adjusted to be suitable
for promising model.
-The contextual factor impacting information system flexibility is indicated. It may be

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