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Determine Perfect Position Essay

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Determining My Perfect Position
As a valued and experienced employee in my expanding and growing organization, I was presented with the opportunity of determining a leadership position, where I can utilize my expertise and my knowledge of the vision and mission of the organization, daily operations and processes of almost every department and the qualities and values that I possess, and determine the best suitable position that benefits of such experience and qualities, as well as benefits the organization in whole and the department I will be working for.
By knowing one’s qualities, ethics and capabilities this should enable this one to better define the responsibilities, challenges, ...view middle of the document...

These results enable me to be aware of my leadership style; My DISC test shows that I am an Interactive person, with a hard-driving approach with people, especially when stressed, and wanting to achieve results with flair.
Comparison and Contrast of Leadership theories
There are six contingency theories about leadership, which are: path-goal theory, situational leadership theory, leader substitute’s theory, the multiple-linkage model, LPC (least preferred coworker) contingency theory, and cognitive resources theory” (Yukl, 2006, p. 215). These theories have some similarities and minor differences amongst them, I will focus on the main theories that I feel they could benefit my objective of determining the best fit or perfect position of leadership.

Path-Goal Leadership
“Path-goal leadership has four different leader behaviors: supportive leadership, directive leadership, participative leadership and achievement-oriented leadership” (Yukl, 2006, p. 219).
In this theory, supportive leadership is when the leader is to provide support in the form of giving consideration to the needs of the followers by expressing concern for their well-being (satisfaction, motivation, happiness etc.), together with creating a sociable and friendly work environment. “Directive leadership is letting employees know what is expected to do, giving guidance, asking employees to follow the rules and procedures and scheduling the work” (Yukl, 2006, p. 219).
Participative leadership is when a leader discusses the issues with his employees to get their opinions and take suggestions, and implement the findings as a participation of the team members towards goal achievement. "effective leaders clarify the path to help their followers get from where they are to the achievement of their work goals and to make the journey along the path easier by reducing roadblocks” (Robbins & Judge, 2007 pg. 416)
Achievement-oriented leadership is when the leader plans the goals, and works on performance improvements by rewarding excellence in performance and gives trust to and shows confidence in his employees to encourage them achieve better the goals defined. “Directive leadership affects employees in many different ways, such as effort can be increased by finding larger rewards and them contingent on employee performance” (Yukl, 2006, p. 222).

Situational Leadership Theory
This theory of leadership refers to the level of maturity in the employees, or situation of knowing what to do and how to do it, which will reflect on the level of employee’s self-confidence. The leader in this theory may increase the task-oriented behavior for those considerably immature employees, and gradually, as they gain the maturity and knowledge and self-confidence, the leader may decrease the monitoring and switch to more relation-oriented behavior “As the maturity level of the employee increases the leader can decrease the amount of task-oriented behavior and provide more relations-oriented...

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