Develop A Fitness Program For A Squad/Section Practical Exercise

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Develop a Fitness Program for a Squad/Section Practical Exercise

1. List the five Components of Fitness.
• Cardio respiratory endurance
• Muscular strength
• Muscular endurance
• Flexibility
• Body composition
2. There are seven recognized Principles of Exercise; List at least five of them.
• Regularity
• Progression
• Overload
• Balance
• Specificity
• Variety
• Recovery
3. You are designing a fitness program for your Soldiers; list the Three Phases of Conditioning that you must consider.
• Preparatory
• Conditioning
• Maintenance
4. When we analyze our wartime mission, we must keep in mind the physical demands of our daily activities and ...view middle of the document...

What does the acronym FITT mean?
• Frequency
• Intensity
• Time
• type
7. There are four well-known stretching techniques; List at least three of them.
• Static
• Passive
• Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
• ballistic
8. What is the proper term for the ability to move the joints or any group of joints through an entire normal range of motion?
• Flexibility
9. What are the three distinct steps in planning daily physical training activities?
• Determine the minimum frequency of training
• Determine the type of activity
• Determine the intensity and time of the selected activity
10. When designing a physical fitness program for Special Population Soldiers, with whom should the unit commander coordinate?
• Health care or Medical personnel
11. What are the components of motor fitness?
• CR endurance
• Muscular endurance
• Strength
• Flexibility
• Speed
12. There are several activities that place an extra demand on your cardiovascular and respiratory systems; List at least five of them.
• Running
• Road marching
• Bicycling
• Swimming
• Cross-country skiing
• Rowing
• Stair climbing
13. For muscle strength, what does exercise time equate to?
• The number of repetitions done
14. How can balance be effective when developing a training program?
• A balanced training program will ensure that all fitness components are addressed
15. How many calories do running or walking burn per mile?
• About 100

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