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Develop Professional Development Essay

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Position Description
Company: Social work Allied Health Assistance
Title Allied health assistant

Department: Social work

Position: Allied health assistant

It’s an allied health firm which provides public health care on population level. It is affiliated with state and federal government. Also funded by federal government.

Responsibilities and duties:

* Responsible for assisting and supporting social work
* Provide services to inpatient, family carers
* to make sure they all are in a safe and healthy working environment
* to encourage team to increase the quality of service
* liaise with nurse unit managers and nursing staff, allied health staff


To reduce patients ‘complaints
* To develop a system so that I can monitor all resources to ensure that ...view middle of the document...

| Make sure that I save atleast $500 every fortnight | 2 year | Rene |
Buy a new house | Buy my dream house | To maintain high living standard and increase the space and have more rooms | Save $5000 a month | 7 year | Rene |

I have a position of an allied health assistant in the social work department. It is a busy job for me, it involves prioritizing work goals to make sure tasks are completed in given period of time. I also have to make sure that the patients are satisfied all the time. To achieve these goals I will setup a system to make sure that resources are up to date by making up a check list.
To decrease patient complaints I will have each patient complete a survey form upon discharge and submit it to social work department.
The kpi for setting up the resource system checklist will be one month. The way I will go about achieving will be to focus atleast 30 minutes a day and liaise with other staff members for suggestions.
For improving patient satisfaction I will write up a survey to seek feedback from patients on how to improve services delivered. This will also help in reducing number of complaints.
Two personal goals I would like to achieve are go on a family holiday and buy a new house. To achieve these goals I will need to save money and setting up my budget.
I also face a lot of work related stress. In order to minimize and prevent myself from stress I have started yoga sessions at least once a week.

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