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Developing A Missile: The Power Of Autonomy And Learning

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A clear vision statement delineates what the organization expects to accomplish in the future. Its purpose is to motivate employees and management to what the organization could be in the next three to five years (Comstock, 2015). In order for management to gain everyone's buy-in, they must include its team members and provide them an opportunity to engage and share the project’s vision.  These goals must be realistic and obtainable (Comstock, 2015).
Developing a team's vision statement is similar to developing an organizational vision statement. It is a transformation to what it currently is to what it could be in the near future. Determining the vision statement should be able to ...view middle of the document...

The objective was to award contracts to the two top competitors to develop the missile system and eventually one would be awarded the production of the missile.
Terry was an experienced and successful project manager. His expectations were to be able to develop collaborative relations, foster alliances, and inspire confidence. One of his first actions was to send his team to specialized training and to visit all the competitors to relay the goals and objectives. This action set clear expectations of the seriousness of this project and set the tone throughout the project from beginning to end. Terry met with his team and introduced himself as the new leader.
He was again clear and concise communicating the program's primary goal "To complete the program within six months, otherwise there would be no program". With this action, Terry's objective was empower the team and rise to the challenge. He was clearly trying to establish the Pygmalion Effect by stating the objectives and communicating his beliefs with his team members (Lewis, 22003). The Pygmalion Effect directly contributes to the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by establishing greater expectations on the group.
Leadership is the art of influencing others, not only to get the job done but also to ensure team members perform at a higher level. The self-fulfilling prophecy essentially states that a leader gets from followers what they expect of them (Lewis, 2003). The Office of the Secretary of Defense expected a high-level performance from Terry and he delivered. Likewise, Terry also effectively communicated his expectations of the project's goals and objectives to his new team members and he got gained a high-performing team.
The clear expectation was to award the contract within six months and Terry demonstrated his leadership skills by always seeking input from others and attempting to engage them by asking questions. He created trust and autonomy in his team by practicing situational leadership as evidenced by shifting to the delegative phase only after ensuring he was confident of their good judgment and that they felt ownership of the project.
One of the first stages when leading a project is project initiating (Kloppenborg, 2004).  As the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile project leader, a new course of action from an organizational standpoint I would have established a group discussion to review lessons learned from the team under the direction of their former team leader in addition to seek input and feedback from JASSM's original manager. By initiating the project with the lessons learned, it likely would have produced good intelligence from the program's predecessor and with the time constraints placed on project, it would have benefitted the project.
Terry's leadership tactics were situational in his attempt to inspire and motivate his team to accomplish the goal. He mostly applied a participative and delegative approach. This was clearly...

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