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Development Of Corrections Essay

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Development of Corrections
Candice Rogers
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Feb. 27, 2012

Before the 1800s, women in prison were treated just as the men were treated; they were also punished just as men were. The only woman that was treated differently was pregnant women. The pregnant women were spared punishment until after they had given birth. The labor they had to endure was a little different than what the men had to endure, but they were all required to work just as hard. The hard work the women had to endure was things such as sewing, cleaning, laundry, and cooking. The women felt liked they were over worked; they were expected to act like women but were treated ...view middle of the document...

Three basic arguments established in the 1800s that supported the separation of juvenile prisons from adult prisoners were the following: They believe penitentiary life would be too hard on the youth. They believed the juveniles would learn bad habits from the older criminals and the experience would embittered by the confident. And they would have a better chance of being rehabilitated if they got treatment from people who knew how to treat juveniles.
If there was no distinction between prisons of juveniles and adults, I believe they would be treated similar to the way women were back before the 1800s. I think they would be worked too hard, and probably abused. Younger children are highly influenced by other people, it would defiantly be better if the juveniles were separated from the adults. What about all the sexual violence that goes on in prison! Would it be right to put juveniles in a situation where they would get sexual abused? The adults would eventually turn to the juveniles, more than other adults, when it comes to sexual abuse because juveniles would put up less of a fight. Its way better for juveniles and adults to be separated, they need a chance to excel and to become a productive adult.
I think one of the main purposes for the hard labor during the 1800s was to keep the prisoners busy. They kept the prisoners busy in either assembly line or in their cells. This kept down on all the crime within the prison. One reason the hard labor came to an end was because the reformers did not like how the prisoners were being treated. To them, it seemed like the prisoners were being worked to death.

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