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Development Plan Essay

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A strong Professional Development Plan is an essential asset to succeeding in any career, especially one as an educator. Such a plan not only improves initial employability but also works as a guide for motivation, direction, and self-improvement throughout one’s career. A well-designed plan includes specific career and education goals as well as an action plan for achieving those goals. For a Professional Development Plan to be effective, continual evaluation needs to be conducted to monitor personally growth and to ensure that the intended goals are met. Ultimately, failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. This paper is written from the viewpoint of a beginning teacher on her ideal ...view middle of the document...

This requires personal dedication to school and efficient time management. Specifically, one must balance their schoolwork with their other obligations. During the completion of school, an aspiring teacher must work on preparing a personal portfolio that includes not only educational experience, but also a detailed account of recreational activities, volunteer work, and career-related experience.  This portfolio will be needed to apply for teaching jobs, which leads to the second step.
Once both degrees are completed, it is time to start applying for jobs. Interviews have to be set up, tests will most likely be administered to evaluate competencies, and contracts will need to be signed. This process may be extremely quick and easy, if the first choice school happens to need a teacher. Otherwise, the process could be a bit more difficult, especially if the desired school or district is not hiring. In that case, the applicant would have to apply in different districts requiring the arrangement of transportation and living accommodations.
The remaining steps come after the teacher, in this case the writer, is settled into her career. Several steps will need to be taken not only to maintain the original teaching job, but also to gain the promotions desired. Continuous self-improvement courses must be taken as well as self-evaluation. A teacher must remain knowledgeable about professionalism, curriculum, and technology. The teacher must also continue to add to his or her portfolio so that it can serve as a resume when applying for the higher positions desired, such as school principle and superintendent of schools. Finally, each of these steps will need to be completed again for each new promotion.
As stated before, this journey will mostly likely be an arduous one. Several obstacles are imminent, and it is important to have a plan for overcoming them. Some of these obstacles will presumably occur during the process of obtaining a college degree, such as developing poor study-habits and overactive social lives. These obstacles are very common for college students and often cause students to lose sight of their educational goals, fall behind, and even drop out completely. However, a dedicated student can avoid and overcome these obstacles by establishing non-interruptible study time and a close support group that can double as a group of friends. If students surround themselves with other dedicated students, then the entire group can help each other remain successful.
Other obstacles may be inevitable during employment as a teacher that may reduce a teacher’s desire to continue in the field. Unfortunately, these obstacles contribute to the 15% of teachers who quit teaching within the first year (Kauchak & Eggen, 2005). These obstacles include but are not limited to, lack of cooperation from students’ parents, overwhelming responsibilities, and stressful time restraints. As with any obstacle, the right amount of determination can prevail....

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