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Diabetes Essay

927 words - 4 pages

ADAL Tamara Zgadzaj
Tutor: Thomas Torley

This plan will examine three main long term problems affecting people with diabetes:
• eyes
• kidneys
• heart and brain

People with diabetes should visit an eye doctor regularly, every year for an eye exam. Eye problems that can occur with diabetes include : cataracts ( a clouding of the lens ), glaucoma (increased pressure in the eyes ), retinopathy ( eye changes with the retina in the back of the eye ).
Symtoms of eye problems are : blurred vision, spots or lines in your vision, watery eyes, eye discomfort, and loss of vision.

Diabetics should check for urine problems at least once a year. Proteins in the urine are a sign of kidney ...view middle of the document...

The body loses its ability to control the level of sugar in the blood.Patients with diabetes can be taught how to control their diabetes by controlling what they eat, checking their blood sugar several times a day, and exercising.
If not controlled, diabetes can lead to serious complications such as kidney failure,blindness,amputations, and even death. It is easier to prevent diabetes than to treat it.
People can prevent or delay diabetes by; losing excess weight and belly fat if you are overweight, eating healthy, becoming more active, reducing your blood pressure if it is high, lowering your blood sugar level if you have pre-diabetes.
By adopting these lifestyle changes, people will lower their risk of developing diabetes and it's serious complications. A prevention plan can help them reduce their risk for diabetes and heart disease, whilst helping them to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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