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Differences In Competencies Essay

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Professional Dynamics

In an effort to meet the needs and challenges triggered by the 21st century demand in healthcare, there have been constant calls across the nursing spectrum and beyond to standardize the entry level position into nursing practice. These calls stem from the fact that several research studies have concluded that hospitals with greater number of baccalaureate prepared nurses as an entry- level position have observed considerable benefits as a result. These benefits are associated with the practical differences in competencies exhibited by baccalaureate prepared nurses and experienced by the hospitals ...view middle of the document...

Diploma Programs these are normally a three-year hospital or medical facility based training associated with a school of nursing. This was popular during World War 11 and through to the mid- 1970’s, but very few facilities offer this opportunity today.
Associate degree a three-year degree usually in a community college.
BSN/Baccalaureate degree four years and offered at senior colleges and universities.
Graduates from all three of these programs have to sit for the same licensing exam NCLEX-RN.
“This exam does not test for differences between graduates of different entry-level programs. The NCLEX-RN is only one indicator of competency, and it does not measure performance over time or test for all the knowledge and skills developed through a BSN program”
All of the above nurses provide direct patient care dependent on the educational level reached.
Patient Care Situatuatiion
Often, critical situations offer a glimpse into the thought process of a nurse. All supervisors are required to attend all codes to ensure that everyone is present and the code runs smoothly. On the first occasion observing a new BSN graduate he appeared very comfortable in participating in the complete process. He was very aware of his patient was able to answer all questions asked by the doctor pertaining to the patients history, lab results and medications that had been given. He appeared very confident and in control of what was happening in the patient area.
Post code blue, once the patient had been safely transferred to a higher level of care a discussion took place with the team enabling them to express any issues that could have been prevented or things that had been done well. The team congratulated him on his excellent effort and discussed how he had felt. He explained that initially when he had called the code, he felt had he done this correctly? was it a code blue? but he explained that within seconds the patient had no pulse and was not responding so he commenced CPR, he said that his fear left and everything just happened, He was thanked by the team...

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