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Differences In Competencies Between Associate And Baccalaureate Degree In Nursing

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Differences in Competencies Between Associate and Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing

Babrin Guisha

Grand Canyon University: NRS 430

October 7, 2012

From the beginning, nursing has been the way of caring for sick individual, who are unable to care for themselves. The concept has not changed till today, but event surrounding it has changed tremendously in regards to civilization, modernization and technological advancement. This knowledge of nursing profession evolved around education, community health nursing, and research. Today, more is required from the nurses before you can practice as a professional nurse to the benefits of the patient, family ...view middle of the document...

In other words, BSN has given them the guide to have a good knowledge of the patient, as well as being able to give a good care.

BSNs have a good understanding of the totality of the patient and the type of health care to be delivered to the patient. BSN holders have a broader knowledge based on the type of education received. BSNs are multi-taskers in the clinical setting as well as in family and community. They make good use of critical thinking that is” connected and tagged to lower mortality rate of patient, less medication error and has resulted in a better outcome as compared to ADN associate degree”. (GCU Philosophy, 2010). Baccalaureate education has a direct impact in nursing practice because of the improved patient satisfaction and better outcome in patient care. Therefore, most employers prefers to employ a BSN degree holder because of their competency and with the trend in the growth of nursing profession, associate degree nurses might be faced out while BSN might be the minimum requirement to practice as a nurse.

For example, new graduate of ADN received a 90 years old male patient admitted with Rectal bleeding and a history of Congestive Heart Failure. Blood works reveal Hemoglobin 6.5, Hematocrit 58, BUN 28 and Creatinine 2.3, BNP 1125. Order received for NS at 100cc/hr, transfused two units of blood for 3hrs Transfusion begin at the rate of 100, NS infusing on the other hand. Patient tolerated first unit. Second unit of blood started, 30 minutes after initiation, patient started complaining of difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and sweating, using all accessory muscle to breath. Assessment shows coarse lung sound, oxygen saturation 89% room air, Bp 165/100, pulse 123, respiration 30. The nurse stopped the transfusion, place patient on 2L of oxygen and saturation came up to 92%. Then, the nurse notified doctor of all action taken. No further order received from the doctor. The Charge Nurse was a certified BSN and was notified; therefore they went ahead and assessed the patient. The BSN using her nursing judgment, critical thinking and problem solving skills to call the doctor to discuss the patient situation. A new order was receive to give Lasix 40mg, cardiology, nephrology consult, respiratory treatment, and telemetry order was received. This reflects the type of education and level of competency of the BSN to rescue the patient from fluid overload based on the excellent decision she made.

Furthermore, Baccalaureate is taking lead in the nursing practice because community health is included in the curriculum. BSNs possess medical and community health nursing skills that help their interaction with patient, family and community through enrichment program that have...

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