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Differences In Jails And Prisons Essay

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Differences in Jails and Prisons
CRJ 303: Corrections

When an individual commits a crime and is found guilty in a court of law, he or she will either be sent to jail or prison. The placement of the individual depends on the type of crime that is committed. Jail and prison are both places to send a criminal to keep them out of society and to do time for the crime that was done. There is a difference between jail and prison. Not everyone goes to jail for a crime. They may be sent to prison to serve his or sentence. In this paper I will discuss the difference between jail and prison.
Jail can be defined as “a correctional institution used to ...view middle of the document...

Prisons have a mission statement that they live by. The mission statement is “to supervise criminal offenders during the period of their sentence, protect the public, and offer programs that assist in the rehabilitation of criminals.” (Seiter, 2011, Pg. 141) “Prisons are operated by the state government, or by the federal government (the federal Bureau of Prisons).” (CL, 2011) In the United States there are at least one hundred prisons. When an individual is convicted of a crime they are not sent to the closest prison that is near their home. They are sent to a prison that is further away from their home. Criminals who have committed a state crime will go to the prison in that state. If they commit a federal crime then they will be sent to a federal prison. “Prisons often have work release programs, a halfway house service, classrooms for vocational training, and recreation and entertainment facilities. Some prison inmates are going to be there for decades or for a lifetime.”...

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