Differentiating Between Market Structures Essay

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Differentiating Between Market Structures Table

Compare the four market structures by filling in the table.

| |Perfect competition |Monopoly |Monopolistic competition |Oligopoly |
|Example organization |Meat Packaging Company |Satellite & Cable Company |Clothing Company |Cell Phone Maker Company |
|Goods or services produced by the |Packaging meats for sale at market |Providing tv service for purchasers of |Provide clothing ...view middle of the document...

Being |
| | |and sell the products. Market share, who| |able to create a brand new product|
| | |are you going to sell the product to and| |that does not directly correlate |
| | |are you going to be exclusive on who the| |to any other product. |
| | |product is sold to. | | |
|Number of organizations |There are many organizations and |There are several companies that provide|There are huge amounts of clothing |There are only a few companies |
| |companies across the United States that|the satellites for the satellite and |companies that product a product for |that compete with each other to |
| |package meat for the country. |cable providers. |sale at retailers. |sell their products to the |
| | | | |companies that have maintained |
| | | | |profitability since they began |
| | | | |operating. |
|Price elasticity of demand |The price of the meat is determined by |The price...

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