Differnt Cultures And Race In India

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Different Cultures and Race in India
Amanda Johnson
Brenda Miller

There are many different cultures in India and the different cultures come from the different religions that the people of India believe in. Here are a few of the different religions that are in India; Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. Even though there are many different religions, people of different religions worship together.
Family is very important to the people in India. In India the parents or guardian of a young person finds a suitable other for their child to marry. The parents do look for a person around the same age, interested in the same things, and in the same social class (wealthy or poor). Marriage is very ...view middle of the document...

The parents of India want their children to understand English so they can further their education and have better career choices.
Many people in India believe that television is one of the biggest threats to their culture. With televisions becoming more easily to get and more children watching there is a threat to their culture. Western shows on the television is one of the biggest threats to the India culture, because in India “Western culture means dating and premarital sex” (Media cultures pg 130 ¶2), which is ‘alien in the India culture’. Television is also looked at showing disrespect to the elder.
When it comes to discrimination in India, there are many different factors that we need to look at, racial and ethnic discrimination, both of which are judge by what religion a person is, what language a person speaks, how the person dress, and what culture background the person comes from. Job denial is the biggest problem when it comes to discrimination in India. Violence is another issue, “in the United Kingdom, there are 300,000 racially motivated attacks each year.” (Racial/Ethnic Discrimination pg496 ¶5)
When discussing race it means more of social discrimination and is used when judging a person on the color of skin they have or if they have a physical disorder. Ethnic is what a person believes in, religion, to how they talk, dress, and where they come from.

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