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Difficulty Paper

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Zhen Ye
Stephanie Fischer

Difficulty Paper

Richard Rodriguez's " The Achievement of Desire" is a autobiography work bases on his inner struggle between to be a "scholarship boy" in school education and home life, and ends up on the side of education. He grew up in with parents who still have the tradition of their Hispanic culture,his ambition to learn and to be like his teacher make him began separating from his family.He began to embarrassed by his parents lack of education and the Spanish accent .Then he realized that learning needs more time and quite space that he did not have much of at ...view middle of the document...

But as he grew up, he began to trusting his parents' diction and trusting their direction. "Any book they told me to read, i read - then waited for them to tell me which books I enjoy"(Richard 519) .I began to thinking of this question by associating with my childhood memories.I felt a similarity between education and family. Although I m not defined myself as a scholarship boy, I still have a strong feeling that I isolated form my family form long time ago.
I moved to Shanghai when i was twelve-years-old, My father told me did that in order to get a better education and life. However, my mother stayed in hometown get a stable job for lower the risk of doing business. My father was busy doing his business and never had time to ask about my academic. I spend time on reading and never ask his business and moreover, I can only see my mother once half a year. I agree with Richard's opinion that separation is a inevitable process of one's development. Although i do not strongly feel embarrassed by my parents' accent but I still had some thought that preferred my parents not meet my teacher. I living in Shanghai for eight years and I changed my accent little by little and do not talk to my parents with dialect. Maybe because I read a lot of book and learned mandarin, dialect become meaningless to me.Like language, my family grew farther away. As i grew up and took my step into the world, i understand what our parents had went through to maintain food and education for their children.

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