Diplomatic Agenda Of Philippine Presidents Essay

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By Gerald Cruz

Diplomatic Agenda of Philippine Presidents

Diplomacy is an important instrument of all sovereign states. It is the conduct of official relations between states by peaceful means. It sometimes extends to a state’s relationship with its vassal state.

The Philippines as a sovereign state make use of diplomacy in dealing with other countries. As a state with presidential system of government, the diplomatic agenda and the policy foreign of the Philippines is the responsibility of the executive branch of government subject to the usual oversight functions of the legislative and judicial branches of government. The President, being the head of state, is primarily ...view middle of the document...

The Philippines supported the US positions during the Korean War of 1953.

When Carlos Garcia became president he popularized the “Filipino First Policy” but maintained the harmonious relationship with United States.

The presidency of Diosdado Macapagal continued a “friendly relationship” with the United States and make use of diplomacy for several regional issues in Southeast Asia. President Macapagal supported and even formed a Philippine Contingent for the US lead War in Vietnam. In Southeast Asia, President Macapagal pursued the Philippine Claim to North Borneo (Sabah) and has been involved in several regional organizations such as the Association of Southeast Asia (ASA), MaPhilIndo, and the South East Asia Treaty Organization. The Macapagal presidency is also characterized by the build-up of student activism and anti-US sentiments in the Philippines.

The 20 year presidency of Ferdinand Marcos (20 years) have been characterized by strengthening regional ties in the South East Asia through the Association of South East Asian Nations, a hard line approach on the irredentist claim to Sabah, diplomatic offensives in the Middle East & the socialist world, and a stronger relationship with the United States. The Philippines supported the US war in Vietnam by sending the Philippine Civic Action Group(PhilCAG) and allowed the continued existence of US military bases in the Philippines. In return the United States supported the declaration of martial law in 1972, the 1973 constitution and the dictatorship in general. The Marcos era is also characterized by internal conflicts with local communist movement and the Moro secessionist movement which has been part of the diplomatic agenda of Marcos through its diplomatic relations with the socialist world and the Islamic Middle East. Marcos also launched a friendly relationship with the Union Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia(USSR) to balance the waning support of the United States few years before Marcos was overthrown in the EDSA People Power.

The Presidency of Corazon Aquino has been highly dependent to the United States...

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