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Disc Feedback Essay

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According to the Personal Profile instrument the author was scored with a classical profile pattern of “result-orientated pattern” and profile pattern table number 7512 “Result Oriented” in which the author was offended yet very much agreed with the outcomes. The results also revealed a “0” in the “I” portion which concerns the author. The following reflections are of the authors views on the outcomes and relationship in which the traits may have been picked up along with desired changes.
The “D” portion of “Personal Profile Instrument” seemed to the obvious to the author once revealed in the results. Rising through the ranks of the United States Army and while performing my duties as a ...view middle of the document...

As if reporting to Dad or Dad is watching. The recommendations given on the hand out card portion of the card the author finds to be very true and welcoming.
Promptness is a key for the author as well as a personal pet peeve. Getting to the point, not beating around the bush, maintaining eye contact, be definite, don’t attack my ego it has an ugly back lash, make recommendations and being conscious of time. These are the ingredients for a great relationship with author.
The author is aware that for the very reasoning and facts above that it closes people off from him and their views must not be favorable or conflict with their style. This does reflect in the “i” portion when dealing with professional relationships. However, during the co-worker portion of the survey the author had chosen 10 persons overall which were broken placed into 2 categories close friends who he may see up to 5 times weekly on a personal basis and 5 who were considered acquaintance’s yet interacted on a professional level. The overall behavior style from both groups was high “D”. Those in the professional associates scored 4 “D” and 1 “C” Yet; those persons in the close friend’s...

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