Discovering A Relation Between The Law And Your School

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Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and Your School
Marchelle Smith
SPE-350 Special Education Litigation and Law
November 2, 2013

Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and Your School
The legal ramifications of special education started in the late 1960’s that was derived from the discrimination and segregation of children who had disabilities and handicaps. Learning how special education has changed over the last century and decade has been very specific. Special education children were not educated in the early 1900’s, they were just locked away or kept at home because some thought they were not able to be educated. The acts and laws that have been enacted to give ...view middle of the document...

Public schools has 13 or more categories that are addressed by the law so that public schools must provide by paying for the education of students if the local system can’t provide a free and appropriate education. Private schools must make sure that the state department of education for that school is ensuring that the students are receiving an appropriate education just like they do in public school (Walston, 2013). When it comes to monitoring the IEP’s the job of signing off on all forms and IEPs is given to the administrator. Mrs. Walston says with her being the Director of Special Education she must attend the IEP annually meeting for students that are placed in facilities to ensure the appropriateness of the education for the students. Mrs. Walston stated that she started in special education back in the 1960s and the education field was unheard of. How teacher have supplies today it was very scarce back in the old days and there was rarely any supplies at all. Money was very tight and the local school either got no money or very little money to help with materials and instructional resources for these students. In, 1975, schools were supposed to receive 10% from the government to help to educate the students with special needs; The 10% was never covered by specified law. The changes that Mrs. Walston see that need to be changed is that we have more special education students and their needs have changed drastically and it cost so much more to educate these students, so the states need to be able to get more funds flowing into the schools( Walston,2013).
As the first decision by the Supreme Court interpreting the IDEA, - the case was expected to be a landmark opinion. And in fact, the decision in Rowley has remained the standard for interpretation of many aspects of the IDEA (Seligman, 2012). The IDEA, as interpreted by Rowley, views special education law through a strongly proceduralist lens: Rowley dictates that the process by which the IEP is created is of far more importance than the substantive content
of the resulting IEP.' Rowley's, central holding was its establishment of a two-part test for assessing when a school district has violated the IDEA such that liability attaches ( Romberg, 2011). Parent have every right to be involved from the very beginning the process of planning their child’s education and we cannot just bring them in at the end and have them sign an IEP. The need for special education is growing at a rapid rate and a disability does not have to be just physical but it can be behavioral, physical and hearing and sight.
When children are considered to receive special education service they must qualify under the IDEA and there are ten handicaps that qualify as a disability. When students have behavior and discipline issues the student should be represented by an attorney or advocate to fight for the students’ rights in the school. As educators we have to make sure that our students are getting the best...

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