Discuss Your Interest Outside Your Job/ Or Your Extra – Curricular Interest/ Activities

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The nature of my work is the type that is very demanding. Working with an IT firm has being had being a very demanding part of my life. I am with the administration has to be updating and also marketing our product. Also being the elder sister after my big sister who live in the United Kingdom with my mum and dad, am also faced with left to deal with family concerns on behalf of my parents. But all these do not curtail my passion to help the needy in my neighborhood. Almost everybody in my vicinity refers me to be a very charitable person and is something I do not take for granted. Am the ...view middle of the document...

My heart aches when I see young people going wayward when they have all the parental attention you can think of. I did not have all that but because a good “Samaritan” cared so I was okay so there are always people around me at home especially at weekend. Through this I instill the idea of being each other’s keeper .Now being each other’s keeper may also share each other’s need. There was a situation where a very brilliant young boy in the hood had to quit school when he got to the senior high school because his parents could not afford it any longer and because my door is always upon confronting the boy one day after work, he opened up to me. Now the boy is in the university which I am fully paying his school fees in consultation with his parents.
Also, I love to spend time with the youth of my church and other church activities especially in the organization of the church for services and special programs. As the head of the youth of my church, we have organized a lot of fun trips and excursions and many youth programs. In fact, I love to be with the youth.
I again love sports a lot. Swimming, football and gymnastics are my favorite sports activities and I am mostly joined by my junior sister and other some friends from my hood. We mostly do these every Saturdays and holidays. This is just because I was a sport girl in my...

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