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Disease Trends And The Delivery Of Health Care Services

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Interpersonal Relationships Worksheet

Respond to each of the questions below using complete sentences. Cite any sources used within the body of your response (i.e., inside the box) and in the references list at the end of the document (if not already included in References list I have provided).

1. Review supportive and defensive relationships as discussed by Cheesebro, O'Connor, and Rios (2010, pp. 132-135) and complete the table below:

| |Response |
|Define supportive |A supportive relationship is when there is emotional help and ...view middle of the document...

Being supportive encourages cooperation and creates a |
| |level of hope and comfortabilty. |

2. Review assertive style as discussed by Cheesebro, O'Connor, and Rios (2010, pp. 135-138) and complete the table below:

| |Response |
|Define assertive communication. |Assertive communication is confident communication. It is forceful |
| |communication in a way that is still respectful of other people. |
|Provide an example of assertive voice. |For example, the steady, firm, assertive tone of voice a parent would use |
| |to make a child stop jumping on the bed |
|Provide an example of assertive facial pattern. |Assertive facial patterens could include smiling, nodding, smiling with |
| |your eyes and sustaining eye contact. |
|Define aggressive communication. |Aggressive communication is honest communication. Confident communication |
| |that has a disrespectful tone. |
|Provide an example of aggressive eye contact. |Aggressive eye contact is intimidating. For example, how two boxers stare |
| |eachoyher down before the fight. |
|Provide an example of aggressive body movements. |Aggressive body movements invades personal body space. For example,like |
| |when mom is angry and pointing her finger at her child because her |
| |patience are short. |
|Nonassertive communication. |Nonassertive communication is passive. Its nonconfrontational. |
|Provide an example of nonassertive speech |A nonassertive speech patteren is low and uneasy in respect of the tone of|
|pattern. |voice. For example, the clearing of the throat and uneasy tone a child |
| |might have when the teacher chooses them to read out loud. |
|Provide an example of nonassertive eye contact. |Looking down at your feet or the floor and not keeping eye contact. For |
| |example, like when a parent is scolding their child and the child looks |
| |down. ...

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