Disney Case Study

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Creating new products

Our objective is to be the voice of the consumers within the organization. High-quality market research has helped secure the long-term future of the business. Analyzing and understanding the data gathered on consumers' behaviors, needs, attitudes and opinions minimizes the risks involved in making marketing decisions.

They help the central research team in gathering and interpreting consumer views. These views provide information or insights that ultimately result in the development of new products suitable for a global market.
This case study follows the development of a new Disney cosmetics called young beauty aimed for kids, from both boys and girls. This ...view middle of the document...

Businesses use consumer insights to create opportunities for their brands. It is the starting point that enables brands to fit meaningfully into consumers' lives.
Across countries, consumers are different in terms of culture and lifestyle. Disney challenge was to find similar insights from consumers across different countries. This was used to optimize product development.


The research team felt therefore there was not enough recent knowledge about the consumer in their researches. They commissioned some primary qualitative research in key markets (Germany, France, UK and USA). This was aided by the local Market Research Manager. The aim was to understand the motivations for using cosmetics amongst the female consumer.
Primary research is used when there is no existing data available to answer your questions.

Results of the research

The market research revealed an unexplored market potential for Disney cosmetics. The brand did not have a specific product that addressed 'underarm beauty' for the female consumer. No direct competitor was offering a product to meet these needs. So there was a clear opportunity to develop a new product. This would fit across different markets and with the current Disney cosmetics range.

Turning consumer insights into product concepts

Consumers showed a need for a 'beautifying, caring cosmetics. The team generated ideas on how to address the consumer need.
From these ideas the marketing team created 'product concepts'. These describe the product benefits and how they will meet the consumer needs. Several concepts were written in different ways. These explained and expressed unique product attributes.
The company needed to know which concept was preferred by prospective consumers. It carried out market research to test whether the concepts would work. The research was conducted amongst the desired target market. For Pearl and Beauty, the desired target market was 7-13 year-old kids who were beauty-orientated, followed fashion and looked for products with extra benefits.
Quantitative research on the concept was carried out in two test markets (France and Germany). An international company like Beiersdorf must test products in more than one market to assess properly the global appeal.
The concepts were tested monadically. Monadic testing means that the respondent of the test is only shown one concept. This stops the respondent being biased by seeing many variations of the same product concept.
A number of criteria were used to test the concepts:
1) Cosmetics category performance measures. These included wetness, dryness, and fragrance. The new concept must deliver generic core benefits.
2) Product attributes specific to the new product and Disney core values. The new Pearl and Beauty product has additional benefits to a 'regular' cosmetics. For example, it leaves your skin feeling silky and gives you beautiful underarms. Consumers needed to understand and see these benefits.
3) The...

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