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Disney Case Write Up Notes Essay

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Disney Case Write-Up Notes

Walt Disney and its joint venture partner, Hong Kong gov’t. are struggling with Hong Kong park less successful than plan. Attendance lower than expected for three years since opening. Must come up with a plan to turn things around, with or without increased capital investment. Context to problem includes Disney’s mixed results with parks outside US (Paris and Tokyo) and importance of HK park given Disney’s plan for a park in Shanghai.
Need to look at reasons behind poor performance in order to come up with a plan. Could organize the problems several ways (look at planning vs. tactical problems or 5 C’s, 4 P’s, etc.). Issues include:
* Small size
* Site problems ...view middle of the document...

What aspects of the Disney experience should be standard across parks and what should be adapted to local market needs.
Need to consider target market issues.
Could discuss pros and cons of joint venture approach

Specific plan for bringing park to profitability
Must discuss whether capital investment is required

Use the Problem-Analysis-Recommendation format. Label the sections.  In the Problem section, clearly state the problem facing the organization.  In the Analysis section, present your analysis relevant to the problem you have identified.   The case questions will give you some ideas for important points to consider.  You might find analytical tools from the text and class helpful (for example, 5 C’s, 4 P’s, models of consumer behavior, etc.).  You can assume that I have read the case so it is not necessary to merely repeat facts that aren’t relevant to your analysis.  In the Recommendation section, make detailed recommendation for the organization.  Your recommendation should follow logically from your analysis.  Your recommendation will be judged on how well it is supported by your analysis.  What the organization actually did is irrelevant.

1. Analyze the situation in which the Coca-Cola and Tubainas war took place.
2. What are the pros and cons of the several strategies the Coca-Cola Company implemented in Brazil?
3. What should Coke do to be more successful in Brazil?
4. What recommendations would you make to global brands to help them

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