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The Building Process of Disneyland
Disneyland is the greatest place on the earth. It is an imaginary place where you can really feel that you are enchanted. There is no place in the world that has this special magic which Disney has. It is the dream of every child, teenager, adult, and even mothers and fathers. I went there when I was fifteen years old and actually no one can imagine how happy I was; except who went there. In addition, I could not forget how my dad and mum were extremely happy with us; really it is a place where parents and children spend the most joyful time together. I choose to discuss this topic because many of us go there and spend unforgettable time, but we cannot ...view middle of the document...

First, Harper Goff drew up some sketches as they were the first sketches to describe Walt Disney’s idea. Walt Disney was planning to build the theme park across the street from the Disney Studio. Then, Harper Goff designed a chart which shows the final form of the park in order to know the swiftly developing magnetism ideas that may fit together. (Kevin Rafferty and Bruce Gordon)
Fig5. The first storyboards. "Imagineering"
Fig6. First image to develop the form of a brainstorm session. "Imagineering"
After that, Walt Disney asked Herbert Ryman to design some sketches about the romantic places such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Castle. The designer Rolly Crump had created a tower that would provide the colorful kinetics as a sign for the small world “Disneyland” as Walt Disney imagined. Also, the designers created sketches which included a haunted house. In addition, Walt Disney inspired the idea of windmill Ferris wheel from the cartoon The Old Mill so he asked the designer Bruce Bushman’s to design it in 1954. Walt Disney came up with the concept of storyboards and Joe Lanzisero created the first storyboard in Disney. They develop the form of brainstorm session by creating a chart that contains many visual information that can help them during the building process and this sketch considered as a first picture This chart was created by the engineer Chris Carradine. Finally they drew many sketches and the drawing process took more than one year. This was the first step of building Disneyland. (Kevin Rafferty and Bruce Gordon)
Fig7. Scale model of Splash Mountain. "Imagineering"
Fig10. Second step of building the tree of life. "Imagineering"
Fig9. First step of building the tree of life. "Imagineering"
Fig8. RX-24-Rex Robot. "Imagineering"
The next step is the most complicated one. This step was based on creativity and imagination more than anything else because they began to translate the dream into a reality. They started to create the characters and designed the storyboards. Firstly, Steve Humke, Yoshi Akiyama and Ann Malmlund had designed the scale model of Splash Mountain which was so complicated because it contained many tiny small details. Secondly, Chris Runco had designed a robot called “RX-24-Rex” after the concept of a Star Tours “intergalactic tour bus” .Chris working tremendously hard in this robot and he used a full-size dimensional model. After that, Frank Newman had designed the scale model of the “Tree of Life” which is for the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The engineers and the architects worked extremely hard on this model so as to make it look as a real tree as shown in the pictures below. Terri Harden designed the breathing dragon for the sleeping beauty’s
Fig12. The final touches of the tree of life. "Imagineering"
Fig11. Third step of building the tree of life. "Imagineering"
Castle. In addition, a talking, flying camera character which it’s named “9-Eye” had been designed by Trinh Mai. Finally, they built a huge scale...

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