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Diversity Essay

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Diversity 1

Racial and Ethnic Groups
Wendy Turner
ETH/125 Cultural Diversity
November 3, 2013
Madasamy Thirumalai

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The Non-Hispanics whites will be losing their majority status. I believe it is no surprise to anyone that with as many immigrants and their descendants that are moving into the United States, they will play a major role in the growth in the United States. This will help the United States in many ways , but also we will have to still deal with diversity.
The United States has to deal with many challenges because of diversity of its people. One of the challenges is work place discrimination. Many people do not get hired because of the color of their skin or their gender, which is against the law. If you feel like this has happened to you, file a complaint with the EEOC. Another challenge is fairness. There are mechanisms put into place to insure everyone is treated equally. Also management
Diversity 3

complexity is another challenge. It seems easier to manage a group that has the same mind set as everyone else, but the people do not get along. In a homogenous group, the conflict tends to be lower and and management doesn't have to adjust their lifestyle. These people do not have to be approached very often. They often take the approach as to if it broken then why fix it. Differences versus similarities is another challenge many have to deal with. We don't have to deal with understanding new perspectives. Also we don't have to deal with adjusting to new attitudes. Loyalty and Identity is another challenge. When we are part of this group, we believe we know who we are. We believe we don't need to trust the new people with new values, as long as they stand behind us. With this being said, there are some benefits to a diverse society.
There are...

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