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Diversity In Nursing Essay

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The Significance of Diversity in Nursing
Diversity in the world of nursing is crucial in order to provide sufficient care to all individuals. Nurses have to be able to provide medical needs to all types of people, regardless of personal beliefs and customs. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relevance of diversity and nursing including the significance it can have on patients receiving nursing care, problems with the low minority population in nursing, and a summary of the generational aspect of diversity in nursing.
Importance of Diversity in the Workplace
Across the nation, as the diversity of the population persistently expands, it is paramount the nursing workforce mirrors ...view middle of the document...

Nurses must not only understand the patient’s culture, but adjust care to fit the patient’s needs. In turn, this would influence better outcomes for the patients who are receiving proficient transcultural nursing care. “Each human story is different” and care should be individualized to meet specific needs (Clark, 2014, p. 126).
Another obstacle that influences diversity in health care is the underrepresentation of minorities in nursing. “Clearly, the nursing workforce should be at least as diverse as the population it serves” (Huston, 2014, p. 137). Increasing the numbers of minorities that work in nursing would also help with the health disparities this country faces. If more minorities pursued nursing as a career, they could represent the community more efficiently and help decrease the health care imbalance. Expanding minorities and providing culturally competent medical care would improve the overall health status of this nation.
Underrepresentation of Minorities in Nursing
The underrepresentation of minorities in nursing comes in various forms. Ethnicity and race are often discussed the most in terms of underrepresentation of minorities in nursing. As previously mentioned increasing the amount of different cultures and races would help the long-term effects of wellness and close the gap on health incongruences. “Nurses from minority backgrounds represent just 16.8% of the registered nurse (RN) workforce, with the RN population comprising 83.2%” (Huston, 2014, p. 138). This data proves that more enlisting of minorities to improve the diversity of nursing in the workplace should be done to impact the inconsistencies in healthcare. Another minority with underrepresentation in the nursing workforce is men. “Just 6.2% of the nation’s 3.2 million nurses are men” (Huston, 2014, p. 145.). This statistic is significant when compared to the amount of women in the nursing workforce. Recruiting more men into the field of nursing could impact the nursing shortage tremendously and be a long term solution.
Summary of One Aspect of Diversity
One aspect of diversity that is interesting is generational. The issue of diversity from a generational point of view is “four generations have not cohabitated at the same time in a profession” (Huston, 2014, p. 149). Each generation of nurses has a unique way of working and the generations are having to find ways to work together. Conflicts could arise if nurses of different generations cannot collaborate and it turn, could negatively impact patients and co-workers. “When diversity is embraced, differences in backgrounds, perspectives and skills may provide advantages to individuals and organizations” (Wolff, Ratner, Robinson, Oliffe, & Hall, 2010, p. 949). The benefits of all generations working together will lead to a more pleasant work environment and desirable results in patient care.
The four generations identified in the nursing workforce are the veterans, baby boomers, Generation X, and Millennials....

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