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Do Not Feel Bored Again Essay

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What is next? Marry finally completed her homework, everything is done for the moment. It is 8:00 pm, and it is very early to go bed for her. She was alone in her silent room. She completely felt bored. What a tedious moment it looks! She turned her laptop on, and she searched “How to overcome boredom?” Though she liked every single suggestion, they were more boring than she has never imagined before. Therefore, she tempted to suggest three ways to overcome boredom: Creating noise, kidding the grandmother and practicing a hobby.

First, the creation of noise helps changing the atmosphere. In order to create noise, you need to go to the kitchen, handle a dish and break it down. Consequently, your mother will hear the noise ...view middle of the document...

Get closer to her and scream aloud then hide yourself, as if she is just pretending to hear the voice. This is not a mocking action or a disrespectful behavior more than a beautiful disposal that might turns to an emotional scene, where your grandmother is probably going to hug you, appreciate your try to let her smile. Thence, you will feel important and loved, which might change your mood. Your grandmother might give you a wise talk at the end, which is an add value to your brain for the current moment because it contributes in moving the Brain cells, since you are in the process of listening to a story or a talk. That is important to avoid boredom.

Third, if you really felt you disturbed everybody around, but you remain bored. Creating new things is good for both your brain and your body, so hobbies are the solution. Therefore, you can draw your favorite cartoon as Yu-Gui, break dance with some moving songs as Eminem’s tracks, take pop corns and color them with different colors, or take the popcorns and eat them while you are watching an interesting movie as Rush 2. By this way, you will be calm, tranquil but pleased. Then, boredom will flow away.
However, in a case where all the above suggestions seem unkind, disturbing and annoying, it would be better to listen to a smooth music and go bed.

In short, leaving the body acts freely and liberating the mind from routine and daily activities will both help a lot in avoiding boredom all along. They help in letting the person energetic and willing to achieve many desired things. As being deduced from the above examples, by those activities, the body and the brain will feel freer, boundless and they will themselves annoy boredom.

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