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Do You Accept Cultures? Essay

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Since middle school, I have been fascinated with cultures. To say my family and friends are your typical American group would be the largest lie imaginable. My family is the perfect example of what people mean when they say America is a “melting pot” nation, for we branch from all over the world. Unfortunately, my family does not strive to reach out to other cultures as much as I do. I feel many of my relatives prefer to take trips to countries, but stay in tourist-y parts, whereas I would put myself in the middle of a culture and adopt ...view middle of the document...

Because I love to learn about cultures so much, I will have more opportunities not only to reach out to my students in ESL, but also to their parents, which is extremely important to me. I feel that if I can make a difference in a child’s life just by learning a little about their own culture, I can get the parents more involved in the child’s education and possibly their future activities. We as future educators are always talking about ways to get parents involved more. I believe the key is to making the parents see that we as teachers care, not only for their child’s education, but also for the parents influence in the child’s future.

I have strived to try and learn at least enough Spanish to understand enough to be able to comprehend the majority of what is being said, even though my syntax and conjugation is rough. For instance, the article we read “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” had many paragraphs in Spanish with little to no translation. I also know a few people who are fluent in languages, such as Hindi, Mandarin, and a few others. Because of my close relationship with them, I feel comfortable reaching out to them if I need help in trying to make contact with the families of my students.

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