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Technological Revolutions of the United States
Lyndria A. Smith
AIU Online

The Industrial Revolution changed lives by changing the methods of manufacturing, the way Americans made a living, and the products available to them.

Technological Revolution of the United States
While many Americans face the issues of reconstruction that was dividing a nation, a large economic boom was going on. The Industrial Revolution took place in England in the late eighteenth century. It introduced machines to manufacture, iron, printing, papermaking, and engineering industries. One of the Technological Revolutions of the United States development was the steam power and cotton gin, which changed American society and caused the economy to explode.
Industrial Technology
The most important factor was the Bessemer process. Henry Bessemer and ...view middle of the document...

Because of these machines English weavers were working 200 times more cotton in 1800’s than they had in the late 1700’s.
Industrial Growth
There are two economic systems in the world, one being the socialist economy and the capitalist economy. In a capitalist economy private business owners control the business. The laws of supply and demand control prices and wages. The United States, founded capitalist economy on the constitutional right to own private property. The distrust of government control has been in existence since before the American Revolution. .
Effects of Industrialization
Most American businesses were owned and operated by one or two people. However, a business owner could not run multiple factories because the costs and expenses were so high that no person would have cash available to keep the business going. Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) stated that” population naturally grows faster than the food supply, and therefore malnutrition, famine, and disease will correct the imbalance.” The most important change was the continuous growth of the population and economy. Despite economic swings, nations continued to experience and grow in the gross national product and per capita income.
Industrial Revolution
In conclusion, the Technological Revolution of the United States was dramatically affected by employment, family life, politics, cities, the environment, and values. Although, the first half of the nineteenth century swept in changes of the way Americans lived and worked during this era. Americans rose to the power and changes in laws and policies that affected all of the American society. The Technological Revolution demonstrated the ever changing and often uncertain boundaries of the revolution.

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