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Does Your Country Have A “Race Issue”?

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Does your country have a “race issue”?

The concept of race is an indicative of ignorant in based of to fear of someone that is different. Racism has been existed throughout of centuries all around the world. At first racism has been seen in America than it spread to Europe, Middle East and Turkey. Racism divides people into the “them” and “us” based on what our skin of color, religion of what we believe and a place where we came from. However, in Turkey racism is generally based on political, national and religious issues. In the history of Turkey racism has started in the Ottoman Empire in 1860 based on Ali Suavi who was a Turkish intellectual in Ottoman. There are tens of different ...view middle of the document...

Many Muslims also advocates that starting the rebellion of the massacre by Armenians, that they killed the Ottoman citizens at first. Based on Sedat Laciner (2014) “As we can say widely accepted on the total number of Armenians history deaths was 1 to 1.5 million people however, in Turks was 10 to 350 thousand. As it is known that the population of Armenians living within the Ottoman boundaries was not even 1,5 million and most of Armenians have safely reached their destination, so we can see that Ottoman was permitted Armenians to discharge their country before the genocide”. The Turkish government made a discrimination between Turks and Armenians, Jews and Kurds. The Turkish government has made discrimination between Muslims and Non-Muslims, Armenians, Jews and Christians after the Establishment of Turkish Republic in 1923. Also the French Revolution is the beginning of political segregation in Turkey. The right view and left view in Turkey has started with French Revolution since 1789. In todays Turkey we can describe right wings that generally represents Muslim actions opposite of left wings. In the early 20th century, president of Turkey, which was Atatürk, has the owner of this racism problem because he removed the caliphate system in Ottoman that was governed by Muslim rules and made revolutions of Atatürk, which was separated the government from the religions. However this changing caused racism and antagonizes people in Turkey. Laic and conservatism people are wholly opposed to each other and we can also call Islam and secularism. Because of this separation both sides has really strict aspects of about their religions and political views. Results of these extremism aspects, people discriminate against other people based on their prejudices. However, in Turkey this race issue usually up to religions that people believe. For example, Laic people have racial prejudice on Muslim people and which they always call them rightist. Seculars label Muslims as conservations because of their appearance, such as from their clothes and facial hair. Turkey has 2 major parties, which are AKP and CHP. These parties both represent right side (AKP) and a left side (CHP), which are having totally opposite perspectives. These aspects lead to cause of racism issue between Laics and Muslims. The political history of single party began in 1923 when Ottoman Empire wiped out and Turkish Government started instead of Ottoman. However, foundation of single party brings with educational and linguistic problems. In 1928 Atatürk was changed the Ottoman alphabet just in a one night instead of Latin alphabet and named Atatürk’s alphabet revolution. “However with this reform Atatürk wanted to stress the principle of separation of religious and lay societies” (Landau, 1984, p. 36). When he was changing Arabic letters he shows with his acts that he also against to Muslim alphabet because, Muslim’s letter came from Arabic letters. In the early 20th century education system...

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