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Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats

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Dogs make better pets than cats?
1. You can train a dog better than a cat. Have you ever seen a cat sit on command? Roll over on command? Stay? Neither have I.
2. 2. Dogs are smarter. Have you ever seen a dog fall into a fish tank? I haven’t either.
3. A dog can protect your home much better than a cat.
4. 4. Dogs are better suited to lead you to a more active lifestyle. Have you ever seen anyone walk their cat?
5. 5. There are a lot of things cats will jump up on that dogs won’t. The cat I had for a month would NOT get off my computer keyboard. Dogs won’t do that. I’ve also seen cats up ...view middle of the document...

Dogs think you’re the best person in the world even if you are grumpy, when you come home from school or work your Dogs will be there licking your face and jumping around and they can’t wait to see you, while cats don’t notice if you are there or not as long as they get their food.
10. 10. Dogs Listen. When you talk to dogs they will make faces and tilt there head and try to work out what you’re saying while cats just meow and walk away.
1. Cats treat your guests politely.
Better manners. When friends arrive at your home, a dog goes into frenzy, barking, leaping and pawing at the newcomer.
2. Cats smell better than dogs.
3. Even the loudest cat is quieter than any dog.
4. Better decibel managers. Most dogs will always vocalize their moods. A cat will keep it to itself. Upset, happy, excited or just talkative, dogs bark.
5. Cats take much better care of their toys. Ever see a dog's playthings? Shredded rawhide bones, torn tennis balls. They're in tatters (unless, of course, they've been swallowed). Cat toys tend to be hugged, carried and carefully hidden in beds or baskets.
6. Cats don't need to be walked. They can go leash-less. A thunderstorm shakes the skies, drenching the dog walker as she waits for her trusty pet to take care of business.
10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats | Animals Zone

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