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Domestic Environment: Southwest Essay

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Domestic Environment for Southwest Airlines
When it comes to flying, customers have a variety of airlines to choose from. There is Delta, United, American, JetBlue, and of course Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low cost carrier that appeals to fliers that are looking for the lowest cost possible to get from point “A” to point “B”. Southwest airline is part of the airline industry and is based in Dallas, Texas so its domestic environment is the United Sates. While flying can make traveling easier and sometimes faster it does come with some drawbacks. Those drawbacks normally range with seating assignment and occasionally Mother Nature causing delays.
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A government regulation that affects the airline is security. Security plays a big role in the success of the airline industry. From keeping terrorist from boarding planes and keeping the United States safe. With this regulation of security at the airport can sometimes cause long lines and for customers to become upset over the process. Prior to September 11th a customer could easily pass through security screening and now depending on the airport could take up to 20 minutes. This type of regulation affects the airline industry more on the side of customer experience. If a customer is delayed during the screening this could cause him or her to miss the flight and the blame is put on the airline. This type of lengthy wait makes the customer upset and even though it is put on place to protect everyone.
With the security being a government regulation Michael Hammer was business theorist that looked at business process. With Michael’s theory on business process this could help the regulation of security at airports. With his engineering thought process this could speed up the process and make flying a more enjoyable process. If the airline worked with the airport on an end to end process it would increase customer value. Hammer (2007) writes, “First is to emphasize end-to-end business processes, the cross-organizational sequences of...

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