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Don't Let Me Die Essay

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Situations can change very quickly, especially within a healthcare facility. The nursing staff within a nursing home carries the responsibility of always watching and monitoring the environment to assure the residents are comfortable and cared for in the home. The ethical problem in “Please Don’t Let Me Die” case is malpractice. The nursing staff neglected to care for a patient noticeably in need and continually asking for help. Additionally, the three registered nursed were negligent. The two nurses found culpable in Loren Richard’s death had not successfully overseen the nursing staff to assure the team was following the standard of care. Regardless to the state of the floor prior to the three nurses taking a break, the registered nurses are responsible for the coverage of the floor and care for the patients for the duration of their break. If I had been one of the ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Richard’s nursing home did not have appropriate nurse to patient ratio for patient safety. It is also possible that the facility did not have suitable rules and regulations for the nursing staff. However challenging an institution may make it on the nursing staff to provide sufficient care to their patients; it is still the nursing staff’s responsibility to create the best environment. Residents living within a nursing home generally need help with daily activities that they are unable to do independently. The standards of care by which any nursing staff should operate were violated when the staff did not respond to Mr. Richard’s cries for help.
Although you can review the staff to patient ratio and point a finger towards the institution, it is still the responsibility of the nurse to assess and evaluate all patients under their care and to provide the necessary treatment. “Simply stated, the role of the professional nurse has changed, in a pragmatic sense, from one of legal dependency to one of legal accountability” (Campazzi, 1980). Even though ten of thirteen members of the staff were on break, the two registered nurses were found culpable for the death of Mr. Richards because they were legally accountable for his care. It says within the case that the nurses failed to monitor Richards’ condition or respond to symptoms including pain and vomiting. The nurses did not assess or evaluate his condition to give him the appropriate treatment.
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