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Donner Company Essay

3841 words - 16 pages

The three-year old Donner Company has positioned itself well within both the small volume, customized (contract) printed circuit boards market as well as the large volume, generic (captive) printed circuit boards market. Large electronic firms (AT&T, IBM) produced their components in captive shops, while smaller sized companies, or when large and small quantities of simple technology or fast turn-around prototype boards were required, these requests usually are fulfilled by contract shops.

With a company that is managed primarily by engineers, Donner’s core competency was, obviously, its engineering expertise, and it produced specialized circuit boards known as ...view middle of the document...

Receive "Master" artwork from customer
Produce negative image from circuit. Repeat image on each panel
Inspect for visual defects
Shear laminate into panel. Punch holes

Raw material purchase
Transfer pattern to panel
Copper immersion bath
* Wash
* Scrub
* Coat Photoresist
*DFPR processing
* Electroplate
* Tin plating
* Etching
* Solder bath
CNC routing
20tn punch press
* Inspect board
* Electrically test boards
Image Transfer
Package Boards
SHIP Boards
CNC vs.Drill

Per order Time Estimation |   |   |   |
Processes | S. No. | Sub Processes | Sub-process time
(Set up+Run time) (in Mins) | Total Time (Process wise time)
(in Mins) |
PREPARATION | 1 | Artwork Generation | 29 | = [59+(.125p) ] |
| 2 | Inspect and Shear | 20+(0.0625p) | |
| 3 | Punch Tooling Holes | 10+(0.0625p) | |
IMAGE TRANSFER | 1(a) | Drill holes - a) Manual | 15+(40p) | [a) Manual Drill = 110+(41.50625p)]

[b) CNC Drill = 335+(3.50625p)] |
| 1(b) | Drill holes - b) CNC drill | 240+(2p) | |
| 2 | Metallization | 10+(0.09375p) | |
| 3(a) | DFPR - a) | 10+(0.025p) | |
| 3(b) | DFPR - b) Laminate and Expose | 10+(0.25p) | |
| 3(c) | DFPR - c) Develop | 10+(0.025p) | |
| 4 | Electroplate | 25+(1.0625p) | |
| 5 | Strip DFPR | 5+(0.025p) | |
| 6 | Etch and Tin Strip | 10+(0.025p) | |
FABRICATION | 1 | Soldermask | 45+(0.1875p) | [a) Manual Profile = 170+(2.75p)]

[a) CNC Profile = 270+(2.5p)] |
| 2 | Solder Dip | 30+(0.0625p) | |
| 3(a) | Profile - a) Punch Press | 50+(p) | |
| 3(b) | Profile - a) CNC Router | 150+(0.5p) | |
| 4 | Inspect, Test, Pack | 45+(1.5p) | |
where p = No. of PCBs/ order |   |   |   |

2. What orders [by way of batch size] would you schedule on the CNC drill? On the CNC router?

Drilling Process
According to Exhibit 2, time taken for each of the process (one order) is as follows:
            Manual Drilling: 15 + p *0.08* 500 = 15 + 40p Where p= number of boards
            CNC                 : 240 + x* 0.004*500 = 240 + 2p
Now equating the two equations for p:-> 15 +p *0.08* 500 = 240 + p* 0.004*500
We get p=5.92 for which both the processes take the same time. So, at any value greater than or equal to 6 the CNC drilling will consume lesser time.

Profiling Process
According to Exhibit 2, Time Taken for each of the process (one order) is as follows:
Punch Press: 50 + p *1.0 Where p= number of boards
CNC router: 150 + p* 0.5
Now equating the two equations for p:-> 50 + p *1.0 = 150+p* 0.5
We get p=200, for which both the processes take the same time. So, at any value greater than or equal to 200 the CNC router will consume lesser time.

3. What is the capacity of the Dry Film Photoresist area?  How does capacity change with order size?

The Dry Film Photoresist consists of three sub-processes – a) Panel Prep
b) Laminate and Expose

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