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Drama Essay

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Types of Drama
Tragedy- a play written in a serious, sometimes impressive or elevated style, in which things go wrong and cannot be set right except at great cost or sacrifice. Aristotle said that tragedy should purge our emotions by evoking pity and fear (or compassion and awe) in us, the spectators.

The tragic pattern: 1. a theme of fatal passion (excluding love) as a primary motive
2. an outstanding personality as center of conflict (classical tragedy demanded a “noble” character)
3. a vital weakness within the hero’s character (his tragic flaw which precipitates the tragedy)
4. the conflict within the hero is the source of tragedy. ...view middle of the document...

Tragic Comedy or Drama- a play with the sincerity and earnestness of tragedy but without its inevitability of impending disaster, and with the kindly and tolerant attitude of comedy but without its underlying spirit of humour; uses tense situations and moments of extreme conflict, but the tragedy is averted and transcended.

Other kinds of plays- 1.Classical tragic-comedy; noble characters but happy ending.
2. Classical comic-tragedy; low characters but ends badly
3. Satire
4. Vaudeville
5. Mime
6. Propaganda plays (or didactic drama)

The history of the drama (dramatic literature) might be seen as a constant alteration between the two poles of the classic mode and the romantic mode.

The history of theatre (performance of drama) might be seen as a constant alteration between the two poles of stylized presentation and realistic representation. Below is one interpretation of the relative positions of certain artistic movements in the theatre on a continuum between theatricality and realism:

theatrical 1. Constructivism 5. Romanticism actualistic
presentational 2. Surrealism 6. Realism representational
nonillusionistic 3. Expressionism 7. Naturalism illusionistic
stylized, frankly 4. Symbolism ...

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