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Drama Paper

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Honor Pledge: ____________

Ever since I was five years old I have desired to be an actor. Unlike many desires throughout life, this one actually stuck with me. That passion still runs through my veins and it shows no signs of vanishing. As I looked over the syllabus and listened in class, I came to understand the notion that we were required to see a couple of plays and then following the plays we had to write a “reflection” paper on them. While most students are not ever too elated for papers (including me most of the time), I actually looked forward to this greatly. I knew I would have to pay attention to and observe the beauties of theatre. I knew my ...view middle of the document...

This optimism remained prevalent for the remainder of the day, up until my friend and I realized that we were running late. Having lost track of time, we crammed the rest of our dinner down our throats and sprinted to the car. Once we got on the road, the unthinkable occurred: terrible traffic. When we got to the theatre at approximately 7:32, I power walked inside. The people checking tickets scurried over to assist us. We had to wait for a “cue” from someone within the closed doors so we did not interrupt the play. As the man with the ear piece received the signal, we walked up a black lighted staircase, which led us to the “late section” in the very back of the auditorium. As I opened the door, I saw our section and eagerly sat down. After taking my jacket off, I soaked in my surroundings thoroughly. Thoughts and suppositions raced through my mind as I continued to grasp a feeling for the atmosphere.
The audience was wrapped around the stage like a horse shoe, so there was not anybody behind the actors. I wondered if this design was implemented purposely, in order to keep the cast more focused with everyone in sight. It makes sense for there to be nobody behind the stage though. Mainly because if the seating was extended into a full circle around the entire stage, then the actors would have to constantly revolve in order to avoid a portion of the audience not seeing the backs of the cast for the entire play. However, the section I was in proved to be a great one. I was directly in the middle of the auditorium and was in the last row at the top, which meant I could see literally everything (the stage, the entire audience, and the live musician in the top left corner). It was rather fulfilling being able to see everything. I could see and even feel the emotion of each member of the audience. I could see every angle of the stage. I did not have to worry about people behind me looking at me or not being able to see the stage. I felt extremely involved with every facet of the play, which only enhanced my ability to perceive the illustrious environment. When the characters would intermittently speak to the audience, they would look right in the middle of the audience, which is exactly where I was sitting. Now, they could have done this because there were cameras right above my head filming them, or they could have done this because the middle is an easy, central place to look. Whatever the case may be, this inevitably made me feel like I was a part of the play. It made me feel like the characters were speaking to me, telling me about their plans, problems, and feelings. This feeling made the play much more personal, and made it much easier for me to delve into. It made me understand the characters and feel for them in a very distinct manner. Not only did this seating arrangement make me feel closer to the characters, but it also made me feel closer to the surrounding audience. I could visibly see their faces and their natural reactions to the...

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