Drinking Speading And Driving Essay

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Drinking, speeding and driving
May 21, 2009

Objective Part: The topic I chose revolves around an announcement “Don’t be an ass, don’t drive” made by Kunhadi.org, an organization that supports and advices people to drive slowly without getting drunk, in order to avoid car accidents.
In fact, this item managed to hold my interest since I am really concerned with awakening the public on the numerous numbers of accidents occurring a year. If truth be told, over 500 people in Lebanon die every year in car accidents mostly caused by drinking and exceeding speed ...view middle of the document...

Accordingly, in order to circumvent such dramatic catastrophes, I think that the government should place security forces in almost every region to catch and punish the persons who consumed an amount of alcohol greater than the tolerated average.
Plus, as stated earlier, most of the people can’t stand driving behind cars motoring at a snail's pace. In reality, they tend to overtake them even if they had to exceed the speed limit, and most of them turn into victims of grave car accidents. Hence, containing such disasters would begin by installing many radar sets in different roads and regions, which, once they seize somebody disobeying the regulation, penalize and fine him.
As a consequence, drivers will draw lessons from such sanctions and will think twice before making any other mistake.
Eventually, if somebody seems not to be that concerned for his own life, he should at least sense with those he loves or the innocent people on the road.
There is a reason why people aren’t allowed to drive until their eighteen years old. It demands assuming full responsibility, so no one should make light of it.

Executive magazine, Issued on March 2009, No. 116, page 61.

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