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Driver Attitudes And Behaviour Essay

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Terry Manzi
2015 – 11 – 19
Driver Attitudes and Behaviour

Types and sources of road rage
Road rage is when a driver starts driving aggressively because of a disagreement with another driver. It’s also considered road rage when a driver get angry, frustrated or loses their temper from a traffic incident.
They’re many causes of road rage, the most common being angry. There is also other causes of road rage like:
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There is “verbal road rage” which is when a driver starts to either yell, cuss, make offensive/insulting gestures or obnoxiously honking. The second type of road rage is “Quiet Road Rage”. This is when the driver starts to complain, or either start rushing (speeding for example), competing (being faster than the other driver) or resisting (not allowing a driver to pass/enter a lane). Quiet road rage is the most common type of road rage among Canadians. The last type of road rage is “Epic Road Rage” which is where the driver starts to cut other drivers off, blocking other drives, chasing, or even resort to fighting and the use of weapons, with the intent of harming the other driver. This is the most dangerous type of road rage.
Road rage is very dangerous, and can cause serious injuries. If you ever feel stressed out and angry, keep your emotions off the road so you can protect yourself and other drivers aswell.

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