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Proposal: Solving/Reducing the growing number of divorces in America?

The basis of what is thought to be a lasting marriage in American society, in some cases, is a somewhat complicated issue. Many people fall “in love” only to realize that they are with the wrong person. There are two effortless solutions I will propose to help solve the growing number of divorces in America.
In comparison to any other country in the world, more marriages in the United States end in divorce. This trend can be seen throughout America's history. In a consensus report, which was recently posted it showed that the overall U.S. divorce rate experienced a brief increase after World War II, but was ...view middle of the document...

With all the information stated so far, a hypothesis can be formed. My hypothesis proposes that the problem behind why most marriages end in divorce is because people are ignorant to what is necessary to maintain a lasting marriage. There are two easy solutions to solve the problem of divorce.
The first one is a similar to a quote used in Sir Thomas Mores’ “Utopia”. More states that, “ Before a couple is married, each person is shown naked to the other so that if there is something on one person's body that the other cannot live with then the marriage can be nullified.” In my proposal, I believe that each person should bare their souls to the other before marriage. Before marriage couples should go away to a secluded place, where they can “really” get to know each other. There they should tell each other every single aspect of their lives, including personality, characteristics, favorite foods, goals in life, how many kids they want to have, income, future goals, number of previous relationships, family history, etc. They should also voice their dislikes and like about each other. Honesty is the key. If one person fails to be completely honest with the other, the solution will not work. This way if any one...

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