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E Complaint System Essay

1862 words - 8 pages

Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT)

Project Management in IT INFO 3501 (Section 1) Semester 2, 2013/2014

Title My FYP: IIUM e-Complaint System Prepared By ‘Izzati Khairunnisa Binti Nordin Prepared For
Madam Noor Azian bt. Mohamad Ali


International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is a well-known university within Malaysia as well as around the globe with its beautiful eco-friendly scenery and good facilities. Facilities provided by university’s management must be preserved and has to be in a good condition as it is representing university’s image as an international university. Therefore, ...view middle of the document...

Even though, current problems can be voice-out in university’s facebook account such as IIUM Online page, those complains cannot be seen directly to management level as there are too many other things that has been posted on the same page. This will make it hard for management level to assist those problems and dissatisfaction is continuous. To surpass these issues, a system can be developed to make sure complaints is easily entertain by authorize management division and facilities provided work properly and can be used by all students and staffs. IIUM e-Complain System (IeCS) is a web-based system where it is accessible by all students and staffs by using personal computer or mobile phone. Therefore, it does not take too much time to submit a report of broken facility. University

also will be able to record complainant’s detail and trace facilities’ conditions without having to scroll over a Facebook page that contains other matters too. Target Users As mentioned earlier, this system is a web-based system. Therefore, user must have personal computer or smartphone that connect to internet connection because complainant’s submission must be recorded in the system for it to be successful. Authorize personnel or administrator will be able to see complaints received and provide its status once maintenance worker solve the problems. Hence, target users for this system will be:1. Students, who can log in the system, submit complaints and check status of complaints sent. 2. Staffs, who can log in the system, submit complaints and check status of complaints sent. 3. Authorize personnel, who can manage complaints, assign maintenance worker, and provide complaints’ status. Project Motivation Important key in this project is to develop a system where community of International Islamic University Malaysia can submit complaints regarding university’s facility to ease management level in tracing facilities’ conditions and availability of services and equipment. Even though in current IIUM official website, it does contain feedback link, it is only focusing on admissions, web page’s broken link and general inquiry instead of issues faced by university’s community itself. On top of that, since technology especially internet connection and devices has become a very important thing in everyday life, this system can generate an attempt to effectively deal with each complaint.

Several research have been done in order to determine the existence of similar systems where can be useful to this project as references. Based on characteristics in similar systems, it can be useful in order to provide a better system by combining IIUM e-Complaints System’s features and existing system in those similar systems and avoid any possible deficiency of IeCS.

1. e-Aduan Negeri Melaka

Portal e-Aduan Negeri Melaka is a portal that acts to receive any feedback in term of complaints, inquiries and suggestions regarding Malacca’s development...

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