Early And Middle Adultdhhood Essay

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Early and Middle Adulthood
S Brooks
January 06, 2015
Professor Murray L. Johnson

Early and Middle Adulthood
When children leave the teen years and grow into early adulthood into middle adulthood there are many changes and challenges one faces during these periods in life. This paper will discuss how intimate and social relationships develop during early and middle adulthood. This paper will also identify the various role changes that transpire during the periods of early and middle adulthood. The paper will also discuss the immediate and future influences of healthy and unhealthy behaviors practiced throughout early and middle adulthood.
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Some of the social changes an individual faces when going from teenage years to early adulthood and middle adulthood could range from peer pressure, like smoking, drinking and doing drugs.
During early adulthood an individual faces new responsibilities such as learning to maintain financial responsibilities. This new role begins with an individual’s chosen career path and his or her work ethics. During this role change or transition a parent or parents usually help with finances until the young adult can maintain his or her financial responsibility According to Arnett (2001) “Accepting responsibility for one self and making independent decisions, with financial independence.
Another role that may change is going from being single to a relationship that usually leads to marriage. When a person decides to engage in a relationship or get married that person must consider another person’s wants and needs. One of the many factors in a relationship or marriage is who will be the person bringing home the paycheck will it be a one income family or will both people work. Will this relationship bring children and if so what type of environment will the children be raised in. Another role that may change is parenthood, this role bring the responsibility of an individual to bring emotional development and support for the children. As a parent a person should have good morals and positive habits as they are now a role model for the kids.
In middle adulthood, the role continue to shift, in some cases the child becomes the parent or parent’s caregiver and take on more responsibilities that once were their parent’s jobs. Becoming the parent’s caregiver may include financial responsibilities as well as emotional support. In most cases, the child becomes the one who makes all the decisions for the parent down to health care decisions.
During early adulthood certain lifestyles, how a person lives will have a lasting effect on how healthy a person will be during middle adulthood and late adulthood. If a person during early adulthood chooses to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis he and or she will usually have a better outlook health wise when he or she reaches middle adulthood too late adulthood. Making sure he and or she get the proper rest, sleeping at least 8 hours a night and eating healthy meals. A person who maintains a healthier lifestyle usually does not suffer from ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and other health related diseases. A person who decides not to take his or her health serious, and not take care of oneself during early adulthood usually...

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