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Early Bird Catches The Worm Essay

495 words - 2 pages

Amber S. Grayer

“Early bird catches the worm”

I. Health and wellness
II. Career and employment promotions
III. Educational endeavors

Many people have often heard the phrase “The early bird catches the worm.” In defining this phrase it can be determined that the earlier a person develops interest and pursue the challenges involved in that interest the more beneficial it can be to that individual. Three common areas of interest where the earl bird can excel are in health and wellness, career and employment promotions, and educational endeavors. The earlier you start something the better the chances of succeeding. This is true in every sphere and every phase of life, be it ...view middle of the document...

Some diseases, if caught early enough, allow you to be completely cured. In cancer and other progressive diseases early diagnosis can mean that the disease is not given the opportunity to spread to other organs or infect the rest of your body. Knowledge is power. Take good care of yourself.
There are many methods and ways at getting ahead. You can get ahead by being willing to work hard, using good time management skills, being a “team player,” being clean and tidy, and being good at what you do. This consists of staying focused on the future. A long term career should be established and perfected overtime for long term success. Feel good about your work and get more of it done, and bask in the appreciation and glorification in all you have achieved.
With fewer jobs available in the workforce economy and as the unemployment rate increases rapidly, the jobs that are available require some kind of advanced education or specialized training. Continuing education to get ahead in life can be a mind boggling decision. Without question education is the way to get ahead. It gives us proper knowledge about what is happening around the world so that you may help your own community get ahead in today’s changing society. In furthering education you cannot condone laziness or leave things to the last minute. You will surely fail.
In conclusion, practice this phrase in your everyday life. You will find yourselves surprisingly in a win-win situation at the end of each day. There are many idioms and proverbs that express a gospel truth in a concise manner. This one in particular simplifies the importance of being punctual and disciplined. If you want to prosper you must take action now.

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