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Child Labour in Bangladesh

Child Labour in Bangladesh

Introduction : Child labour is one of the major problems in a developing country such as Bangladesh. It engineers the demolition of futuregenerations. If a child is made to work from a early age, with no scope ofgoing to school, we are gradually narrowing the nations potential to a fewprivileged people of the country. Thus, it is more practical to work at a firmpolicy to gradually reduce it, and set up safe homes for working children. Inthis regard, The Bangladesh government has made a policy commitment tothe issue of child rights. This includes a number of steps taken in recentyears as ratification of the Convention on the Rights ...view middle of the document...

3 million child labourers in Bangladesh, employed in 300 sectors. Among thesectors, jobs in a total of 47 sectors are most hazardous.Child labour worldwide : The ILO estimates that, around the world,some 250 million children between the age of 5 and 14 work for aliving. Almost half, 120 million, work full time every days, all yearround. As many as k70% toil in dangerous environments of the 25Omiliion, some 50-60 million are between 5 and 11] years old. Many more are hiden from view, exploited in virtual slavery.

Causes of child labour : There are several causes of child labour andthey are more complex and context specific. However, more importantreasons may be identified as under :
a. Poverty and vulnerability : Poverty and vulnerability sometimesnecessitate children earning income or doing unpaid work tosupport; themselves or their farnilies.

b. Low quality education : The low quality and limited relevance ofeducation on offer to many poor children may discourage them toeducation. Then the families and children calculate that workingand learning skills are better investinents than format education.

c. Social and cultural traditions : The social and cultural traditionsin some contexts see work as an integral part of childhood andmore valuable than education.

d. Chi1dren's own desire : Children‘s own desire to earn money,contribute to household incomes or finance their own or siblingsschooling may result into their working. They seems that it maygive them a sense of independence or value to their household andenhance their self—esteem.Consequences of child labour : The perpetuation of child labour has farreaching consequences. It has it's evil effects on the physical and mentaldevelopment of a child as wellas on the progress of the whole society.

1. Eifects on physical development : ln general. the conditions andatmosphere in which the jobs are incongenial and harmful for thechildren and it's ill effects are likely to reach out into their future

lives. These growing children sutler from ill etlects of overexertion,lack of hygine and other problems arising out of hard work.Working in unfavourable and unhealthy surroundings may causebronchitis, tuberculosis and various skin diseases. Most of themsuifers from mental retardation.

2. Eifects on social advancement : When a child perfonns a precariousatultifying and insigniiicant job from an early age, he/ she gets verylittle chance to acquire skill for better jobs. This together with a
disinclination to learn puts an end to his/her chances of betteremployment,t,higher pay and social advancement in future.‘

3. Effects on mental health : It has been observed that hard at an early age may cause undesirable problems. The tremendouspressure put on him at an early age creates an unnaturalsituation for the child which impoverishes his/her mental world.As a result, the child’s bright future is closed for ever.

4. EH`ects on soci0—ec0nomic development : Child labour has...

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