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Ebusiness Task 1 Essay

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Heather Taylor
QRT2 Task 1

Viability of product or service
“Taylor Tech and Learning” is a small home based business located in Small Town, AR. Taylor Tech currently does not have a website but could use one to increase web imprint and bring more business to the company. The company is located within the city limits of the small town. The business is frequented by the local people but offers so much more than just a quick computer fix and great customer service. The company offers a range of services. Computer repair, lessons, and tutoring are all usually completed by calling to see if they have time to offer the services via phone call.
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Some advantages of going online are some of the following: access to services any time of day or night, convenience for those looking to save time and money, and giving feedback anonymously about services. There also comes disadvantages to going online such as, for those without computers, or not sure how to navigate the website. With the company's first roll out of the new website, it may have glitches that need attended to which can be inconvenient for your customers.

Current Online Competitor Assessment

The biggest trend is convenience by saving time and money. Saving time and money by staying in the comfort of your home and either getting your computer repaired or learning something new.
After Hours Computer Support ("After hours computer," 2012), after hours computer repair has no presence of social media other than their website explaining what they do. This can not only hurt the business but does not attract new customers. There is no way to pay online for their services which can also deter customers from using the services. After hours is all about the customer, which is how it should be. They offer service with a smile and come to your home or business, lower overhead because there are no physical locations which keep costs down. They also sell software at cost instead of marking it up like other businesses. Answering the phone 24/7 is a huge deal with customers working from home needing support at all hours of the day and night. The only negative aspect is some customers may try to run over some techs with how nice they are. There are no international services as the company only services United States only right now. By looking and the services offered, in the future that international could be added.

Friendly Computers (“Friendly Computers,” 2014), Find Friendly Computers on face book, twitter, my-space, or read their blog straight from their website. These social media sites help attract customers from all over the United States. There does not seem to be a way to pay online but could be implemented in the future. With e-commerce not being offered this could lead some customers astray. They are marketing their customers as friends to them instead of just another customer which puts some people at ease. Making the customer comfortable helps them trust the tech. There is no international presence within the company. If they were to offer international services, the customer base may grow by at least 20%.

Online Marketing Suggestions & Strategies
Taylor Tech offers services for all ages from 5-99. Most customers are ages 25-50 with home desktops and laptops experiencing slowness of computers. Other customers are interested in classes to gain knowledge for either personal experience or to use for work and school purposes. By going after this audience you will cover everyone with computers that either just need a computer tech to visit them on site or customers who just want to learn more about their computers and...

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