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Ecommerce Essay

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1.Prepare a 200- word analysis in which you describe why Covad’s recent strategy of selling Internet access directly rather than through ISPs has been successful.

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is the future of voice in business and personal communications. Covad’s recent strategy to focus on business class VOIP services will help them to regain their market share and stand out from competition.  
Unlike consumer-class VoIP products which require the ...view middle of the document...

Covad stands alone with the creation of the only managed, business-class VoIP service that's available nationwide. VOA also enhances the value of Covad’s facilities-based network and enables Covad to manage the voice quality. This strategic development demonstrates Covad's renewed commitment to creating solutions that provide small-to-medium businesses with competitively priced, innovative communications services.
Covad VoIP provides has the following capabilities;The Instant Call Forwarding,that assign just one phone number per employee and incoming calls will find them, wherever and whenever they want to be found.The Click To Call:Speed Dial with the Click of a Mouse, that connect automatically with your contacts, including your Microsoft ® Outlook contacts list.The Visual Voicemail,that find your most important messages instantly. View, prioritize and even mail your voice and fax messages.And also the Fax Mail that receive and forward faxes just like email. No more scrambling for lost faxes or re-faxing a fax. You can call your voicemail and redirect it.

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