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Econ And Health Policy Essay

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Economics and Health Policy
Teri Rice
MMHA 6135-2; Health Policy and Economics
Dr. Attila J. Hertelendy
March 8, 2015

Economics and Health Policy
The health care industry is growing and changing every day. Many would say that are healthcare system is in complete turmoil. However, all health organizations need to be aware of the economics behind the scenes and what contributes to their losses and growth. Health care economists develop the policy that we operate by each day while providing efficient and effective care. The purpose of this paper is to discuss health economics and the importance in government involvement.
Value of Understanding Health Economics
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Benefits of Learning about Health Policy
One of the world’s largest problems is healthcare financing and providing care to over millions of low to middle income class families. (Preker, Carrin, Dror, Jakab, & Hsiao, 2002) Private insurance, out-of-pocket expenses, and general taxation have contributed to the lack of health coverage in the United States. Patients that fall into these categories have a higher risk of being ill and not seeking medical treatment. Consumers make the decision about healthcare consumption of resources. (Teitelbaum, 2013) For example, completing assessments to identify the needs within the community is a good way to determine what resources are needed. The Affordable Care Act focuses on preventive health. By acknowledging that there is a lack of primary care physicians in the community is a big step for healthcare executives. Along with this, the government sets policies to ensure care is given in an effective, efficient, and safe manner.
Another benefit to having the federal government involved in health policy is the distribution of grants. Grants help to cover the costs of clinics and the staff that work in them. For example, due to the nationwide initiative to decrease readmissions, our organization opened a free discharge clinic for patients that are unable to see their primary care within seven days. We applied for a federal and a state grant to help offset the costs of paying staff and supplies. The clinic will assist in two ways, helping patients and meeting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid goal of reduction in readmissions.

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